Peoplecare is one of the ethical principles of Permaculture. The way we interact with each other and work with our neighbours and surrounding communities is of major importance. In todays world community goes lost very often, and is not a priority anymore as we’ve got everything, from substantial to superficial, from supermarkets, television and the rest of our consumer culture. Only when we see that if we want to live sustainably again or maybe need to live from the land again we realise that our television and the supermarket won’t be of as much help as our neighbours.

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This is a perfect opportunity to get a hands-on experience of Permaculture – whether you’ve done a Permaculture Design Course before or are new to the idea. Permaculture in Practice Internships are regularly run by the Panya Community and have always been very successful and inspiring courses during which we explore the practicalities of building sustainable relationships with our environment.

Learn the art of natural building: Learn and put into action natural building techniques including wattle and cob, adobe, clay plasters and pigment renders and use these tools in building projects.

Plan and plant organic vegetable garden beds.

Learn to plant and tend a food forest: This will be one of our focal points during this year’s PIP as we’re in the middle of rainy season, ready for planting a great variety of fruit trees, shrubs and soil improving plants. 

Make 18 day compost: see how we turn organic matter…

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On Tuesday, May 29, 2012 our daughter, Betsy Trice, and I will be presenting Sustainable Vegetable Gardening for Everyone at Ashland Coffee and Tea in Ashland, VA.  In case you marked it on your calendar after reading Tuesday’s blog, this is the correct date.  Tuesday’s post has since been corrected.  Betsy and I will share how we grow healthy food, while at the same time feed the soil and build the ecosystem.  Learn how we manage our gardens and take home ideas for your own vegetable growing. Betsy found her own place in sustainable agriculture during her years in Arkansas and has since moved back to Virginia.  She now teaches the sustainable agriculture classes I left at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and operates Lightfoot Gardening Coach, a consulting business for those interested in vegetable gardening, backyard chickens, and homesteading.  This is the first time we have joined together for a presentation.  We will be on hand beginning at…

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